I believe in the power of Hooch.

I’ve believed in it since my mother rubbed it on my gum to ease the pains of teething. I’ve believed in when it got me through the stresses of college. I believed it when I had my first legal drink on my 21st birthday, a Dos Equis at Coyote Blues. I believed it when when I had too much and cried outside the door of the woman that became my wife. I believe in it today, when the world just needs to slow down for minute, and I have that first sip of cold head off the beer at the end of my long day.

It embodies everything good about this life. Art, love, friendship, truth. It calms and relaxes, is medicine for the soul. Respect the hooch and it will treat you well.

But most important, don’t take things to seriously. It’s hard, I know. I live the same 8-5 existence as most. I stress about a lot of unnecessary things, money, jobs, my car. I get caught up in keeping up and forget just how precious of a gift I have before me. I’ve got a lovely wife, two great dogs and silly cat, and an open bottle of red table wine. And really, what more do you need? I mean really really need. Things get wild and we all need to just take a step back sometimes and remember where the important things are.  The important things are in our arms, and in our hearts.

So relax, and for God’s sake, have a drink.