The Middle Sister, Two Days Later

2010 October 14
by Dave File:Old_bottles_of_wine_aging.jpg

They say that time heals all wounds. They also say that time flies when you’re having fun. Since I’ve been alive, I’ve been trying to figure out just who they are, and what the big deal was. Both hold true when it comes to drinking, specially wine. Wines, especially my beloved cabs, always do well with a couple of days on them. They get to breath, stretch their legs, turn all of those  yucky tannins into delicious flavor compounds.

I kept that bottle of Middle Sister around and tasted it over the course of 2 days.  This is what I came up with:

Day 2

Ah, the beauty. Ah, the glory. Ah, the pure delicacy of this delicious wine. After one day this wine turned into something truly special. The fruit flavors really popped. It gained an amazing buttery, oily quality. It mellowed and relaxed into a flavor explosion that can only be described as a classical crescendo written by Johan Sebastian Bach himself. It was dark, hot, and drew me in deeper into it’s ensnarement.

Day 3

And how quickly the honeymoon ends. It’s nothing but alcohol. It’s tart and makes the bumps on the back of my throat stiffen. What happened to my delicious wine? Has the air dried it out? I almost want to leave it out and see how long before I’ve got vinegar. It’s a good thing I’ve only got the one glass left.

While I admit that I may not be so great in detailing the exact flavors. But the basic overview is sound. On the second day it was fantastic. On the third is was trash.  So what happened? How can just a little amount of time transform something mediocre into something great, and then into something worse than what it started as?

I’ve been reading over the Wikipedia article on aging wines. It offers quite a bit on what happens when one ages a wine at the proper conditions, but very little info on what happens when a wine turns bad. It’s a very curious thing if you ask me. Things rarely get better before they get worse. If something is going to sour, or rot, it just does it. About the only other thing that I can think of that gets better with age, then eventually just falls apart completely is people.

Ironic? Maybe. But that just means I’ll never let an old person compare themselves to a fine wine again. Most of the time they’re just full of piss an vinegar.

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