Vodka, and What to do With It

2010 October 7
by Dave
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I’ve got this handle bottle of Skyy Vodka sitting in my bar. It’s never been opened, and has been sitting here for almost a year now. It was purchased for world’s lamest New Year’s Party. My fiancee and I went to the liquor store the day of and spent well over $100 on various things. There was a bottle of Jameson, Bailey’s, Black Seal Rum, a few different types of beer, some random cheap champagne, and that giant bottle of Skyy. I’m still not sure why we bought. Neither one of us like vodka, and by that point only three people had confirmed they were coming (and only four showed up). “Just in case,” she told me, “Just in case”.

Well, 10 months later and I’ve still got this bottle of vodka. What the hell do I do with it?

I remember back in college, my friends and I all went to this bar that ran a $1 Vodka special on Saturday nights. When we first started going, we would always order Screwdrivers. Why? Because it was a cocktail, and we didn’t want to look like neophytes. When we tired of drinking our weight in orange juice, we moved on to Cape Cods. Why? Because it wasn’t Screwdrivers. Not long after that we got self conscious about drinking Cape Cods, so the Saturday night drink of choice because Vodka Sours.

Well, I’m not in college any more, and the thought of drinking Vodka with nothing more than equal parts fruit juice just seem…primitive. Let’s face it. Orange and Cranberry juice are just vehicles to deliver vodka to the bloodstream. It’s not fun, and not quite fitting to a person of my stature. My mother once told me that her favorite Vodka cocktail was a Bloody Mary, with a delicious snap bean garnish. Since the though of Bloody Marys make that little ball of spittle gag me in the back of the through, I’ll stick with my fruity chick drinks.

I started by looking on the Skyy Vodka website. But, their entire site is built in Flash, and my chosen profession is in web development, so I had little patience for it. In any case, the concoctions they suggested didn’t look terribly appetizing. It was all hip cocktails like a Balsamic Bloody Mary and Espresso Martini. Those don’t really do it for me either. So where does a man of sophistication like myself turn for inspiration? The 1950’s.

I find no small irony in the fact that Vodka’s rise in popularity in this nation was the period of greatest tension between the US and Russia. Anyway, the following are my three favorite Vodka Coctails that I think everyone should try.

The Kremlin Colonel

This cocktail is a variation of the Mint Julep, a Southern Classic. It uses Vodka instead of bourbon.

3 oz Vodka
3 Mint Leaves
Pinch Granulated Sugar

Muddle mint and sugar in bottom of a glass. Top with ice and vodka. Stir to mix. Garnish with mint leaf.

Vodka Gimlet

This is another variation on a classic, using Vodka in place of Gin.

4 oz Vodka
1 oz Sweetened Lime Juice

Mix well and serve on the rocks. Garnish with slice of lime

This leads to my personal favorite.

The Moscow Mule

Just plain good.

3 parts Ginger Beer
1 part Vodka
1 part Lime Juice

Mix well and serve on the rocks. This drink is traditionally served in a copper cup.

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