Abita Golden

2010 October 5
by Dave
Abita Golden


As any self respecting Louisiana resident, I’m a fan of Abita beer. Brewed a couple of hours away as the crow flies, it doesn’t get a whole lot fresher than this.  While there are other wonderful craft breweries around Louisiana, Abita was the first in recent history to really garner serious national, mass market attention (Historic Louisiana Hooch is another series all together).

Their big beer was, and is, Abita Amber, followed closely by Turbodog. Now, I generally don’t like dark beers (that’s a whole other rant) so I unfortunately don’t drink a lot of Abita. I do like their IPAs, Restoration Ale and Jockamo IPA, coming in at 20 and a delicious 52 IBUs respectively.  I’m also a fan of their Strawberry Harvest brew.

However, none of those prepared me for Abita Golden.

I never thought that, and I mean this as a compliment, something so normal would ever come out of a craft brewery. Now don’t misunderstand me. God love them, I know I do, but it seems that every small brewery out there is trying to attain some perfect beer. The result comes out so complex and smooth and drinkable (repeat quantifiers ad nauseam) that most of the time I get lost in it. I feel like if I can’t pick apart every taste, every flavor, every minutia of the beer then all of the hard work and love has been wasted on me.  This results in what feels much like some sort of user testing group, taking notes and trying to formulate an opinion for marketing purposes. I get so caught up in trying to figure it out that I forget why I’m drinking it in the first place; to relax.

This is where Abita Golden comes in. No hops that was hand picked by a Bavarian farmer’s daughter and brought down from the mountains nestled in her bosom, one bud at a time. No yeast that came from a starter that the brewmaster has passed down for 800 years. It’s just beer. And it’s damn good beer. It’s crisp and clean and light. It goes down smooth and doesn’t give me heartburn an hour later.

Abita golden is a beer that I can sit down with and really enjoy. I enjoy it because I can enjoy the time I spend with it instead of trying to nitpick it to death.  Look at that picture up there. It just looks like a beer you want to have a good time with.

No, it’s not the most complex brew out there, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s a simple, normal beer that serves well cold and goes down easy. It is a beer than I can just sit down with and enjoy. It is, in my opinion, a perfect beer.  What more can you ask for?

Do yourself a favor, and have one.

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  1. 2010 October 5
    The Pecan permalink

    “It’s a simple, normal beer that serves well cold and goes down easy. ”

    Is there a beer out there that serves well hot?

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